Baby Ogilvie Coming 2022!! ♡



Roses are red

Love is sweet
Our family is growing by
two tiny feet 👣❤️

We have BIG NEWS...our first baby coming 2022! The video below is how we found out and then some footage of our family and friends who we told early. We don't live in the same states as our family or most close friends so most of our new was shared long distance via phone but it was still special to celebrate this happiness.  

Biggest reason I was so surprised was because I had really bad cramps which I get during my period so I thought it would come just a little late (:....

Mark and Kris Honeymoon 2021 ♡

 Our honeymoon was so great! We had our wedding of our dreams and headed to the airport hotel haha yes you read that right we thought it would be practical to just head to our international flight straight from our suite. We had a late wedding reception since we had a DJ and dancing plus we got lost haha leaving our car in the park and spot so in the end it we only had like 5 hours before we had to be up for our early morning flight. Of course we had fun treats waiting for us in our suite (strawberries and non-alcoholic drinks) which we ate and had fun with. 

The next morning we were up very early and took our connecting flight to Miami and then the next flight to SAINT MARTIN (even though it was during COVID we got lucky to find a cruise line that was sailing. At this point cruises were not sailing out of the US yet so that's why we flew to Saint Martin). 

We had the best experience with the cruise since it was barley the start of cruises sailing again worldwide so that meant people still did not trust traveling again and there were NO LINES, NO WAITING, and it was a huge ship that was not even half booked. We just showed up for the shows and got the best seats, the movie on the top deck sometimes we were just us two watching alone it was amazing. 

The countries were visited had all different rules but in order to get on the cruise and enter back to the US without having quatining we had to get vaccinated and have COVID negative test so we were green light to go tour. Each beach we went to was just magical and spending 24/7 together adventuring was so sweet. We went to Saint Martin, Barbados, Curacao and Aruba. My favorite was Aruba it was just stunning. See our day to day vlog below on video. 


Orlando Florida Temple Wedding Photos ♡


Getting married in the Orlando Florida Temple, was a beautiful experience. All my sisters got married there and it is also the first one I went when I was a kid. It is also the first temple built in Florida now there are two more. I also actually thought I would get married in Utah which is where I had been living for the last almost 7 years. However my sweet husband thought it would be meaningful to have our special day in Orlando and it truly was. 


Our Wedding Aesthetic ♡

 One of my favorite memories of the wedding will always be how the venue and decorations came together for the dreamiest evening ever that made for a romantic aesthetic! I didn't really want color so everything was nude tones from whites, ivory, blush, tones of tan and accents of gold (metal brass). Our floral design where all about those nudes colors too and textures from the flowers and contrast in the greenery. The tablescape had the same tone in colors and florals but we added half low arrangements and the other half were high--all setup with low and high candles for a candle-lite dinner experience--which I loved so much against the waterfront views. We also had handmade table numbers, our LED light Ogilvie, our wedding hashtag sign for our photobooth and another for our cake topper. One more thing I think added to our romantic feel was having live musicians for cocktail hour on the pier, for our ring ceremony and for our dinner after that we had a DJ. Overall I will treasure what our wedding day looked liked, no regrets!

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