Living in Utah: President's Day Weekend ♡

Cell phone case

Hello pretty friends,

My sisters and I where born in Florida. We were always best friends. For the last few years we have lived far away from each other because of school and jobs. But it was the best to grow up together in the sunshine state.

So we...
Got to go to he beach like every weekend
Got to go to Disney World often
Had one LDS temple
Had only one season (endless summer)
Heard spanish spoken all around
Went to Publix (the best grocery store ever in FL)
Had the best skin ever without doing much (humidity)
Eat ice-cream always (it's always hot)

Now we all get to live together again but in Utah. So now we...
See mountains & hike
Have Disney Land near
Have many LDS temples all around
Get to experience four seasons
Have to bath in amazing lotions and creams
Have Harmons
Still eat ice-cream always (because we love it)

But the best part no matter where we live our friendship is always there and an extra we have Emma as one of the girls too! Excited to experience more together like we did this weekend we went on a hike at Ensign Peak , saw animals  (most excited for SHARKS because Emma loves them) at The Living Planet Aquarium  and visited the Draper LDS Temple.

During this long weekend on the hike and at the aquarium I was able to take my phone and take selfies hassle free thanks to my new cell phone case from GettaGrip. It has a handle that makes dropping your phone pretty much impossible and makes taking selfies easier. The one I used even has a spot to hold my credit cards! And if my phone would fall the case it self is sturdy and durable loving mine and did I tell you it's blush pink?! I have an iPhone 7 but they also have cases for other deceives. USE  XOXOKris for 15% off your own case.

Hope you all had a great long weekend, we sure did. Scroll below for some photos!

With love from,


Eyewear for the Digital Age ♡


Hello pretty friends,

Americans spend 7.4 hours a day on average staring at digital screens. I think it's more for me hahah. For my day job I use a computer all day. And as a blogger I'm on my laptop must nights and I'm guilty of being on my phone all the time too. So that is a lot of screen time for my eyes. I already have terrible vision (I wear contacts) but I started to get headaches at my job from all the screen time. But I am in the digital marketing world so I know screen time will never decrease.
I have a friend who knew about this and introduced me to some gamma ray glasses. They are pretty much to help your vision (no prescription). He used them and really helped him so he gave me a pair. And boy do they really help but they were not the cutest. So I was soooo excited when I learned about Pixel Eyewear. They have these glasses with similar functions (solves eye strain and protects your eyes) BUT they are stylish frames. They have good selections of frames to pick from for every face shape and fun colors.
Pixel Eyewear has been featured in Vogue and Inc.com because of how functional yet trendy they are. I have loved using mine at work. Use withlovefromkris17 to get $5off your first pair (:

Happy Shopping!


With Love from,


8 Favorite Beauty Product ♡

Hello pretty friends,

Today I want share a little about my skin. Since I moved to Utah I have had a little adult acne on the edges of my face. Usually my face gets oily after a few hours and I'll have to pat excess oils away. So because of the climate I like to try new product often. Below you can find some of the most recent product I have been using.

Love using this rose water after I wash my face, pat dry it and spray. Leaves my face soft and feels so light and fresh. 
Because I have acne, I was looking for a liquid foundation that would conceal most of my blemish and marks. Note this one is AMAZINg but I only use it for events or photo shoots because it is so heavy. Like I only have to use like two to three dabs of it for my whole face. It holds good moisture too. And the bottle is small but will last me a while.
As for this it can be any brand as long as it is extra virgin. I use it to remove heavy makeup, sometimes for my lips, for my eyebrows and even for my hair since I have dry scalp.When I use it for my hair I use it like a deep conditioner and leave it in for a few minutes. It really works wonders! 
My lips are the most dry ever! So I started to use vasline at night while I sleep. It has really helped my lips from being dry and hard.
This combo is the BEST. I use the cleanser and lotion in the morning and at night. My Derm told me about this brand when I first moved. I continue to use them because I feel they help and are not too strong. The lotion does make me oily faster though.
This little tool is very rough so I don't use it everyday but it really helps with black heads and smooths out my skin.
My newtest addition are two serums from ASTERWOOD NATURALS. They are anti-aging and feel so light and silky on. Excited to see what the long term results are. I have heard it is good to start with anti-aging product young so I was so excited to learn about these. Plus they are from a local spot in Utah. #supportlocal

What products are you using? Any recommendations for dry climates?

 With love from, Kris


Tech Ready Winter Gear ♡

 Hello pretty friends,

So it took me a while to realize that if your ears, chest, hands and feet are covered than you feel harm no matter how cold the weather is! WISH I knew that when I moved. But now I do. So I am loving my UR Powered ear muffs and gloves. They are tech winter gear! Like I can hear my music through the ear muffs and the gloves are touch screen ready. So yeah they have been fun to use this winter and really have kept me warm.
What type of things do you do to adjust to winter?

With Love from,

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