Olay 28 Day Challenge


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So excited to share with you a challenge I did with Olay for better skin days! For the 28 Day Challenge I replaced my current facial moisturizers and eye creams to exclusively use the following products in the following 2 Step regimen:
    Step 1: AM apply the Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF 15
    Step 2: AM and PM apply Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel
And can I say, it was so great to JUST use two products. What is even better is that I have started to see visible changes on my face since week one. My skin now feels so smooth which is unusual for me since I live in such a dry place. Both products feel light when applied on my face and set in well with my makeup. It is one daily habit that was easy and effective. The results have been so great, totally worth trying. Love how my skin is felling! It is never too late to start your journey to better skin. 
So you guys have to try your own 28-Day Challenge and you can do so by visiting the Olay Skin Advisor. They will tell you what your skin needs. And guess what the first 15 to visit the Skin Advisor will get $40 off their purchase of recommended products. Use the code 28DAYS8690.

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This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own. 


Billiejo Clothing Swimwear ♡

high waisted bottom | top 

Hi pretty friends,

Can't believe summer is almost over and with it swimsuit season. I have had so much wearing different modest swimwear this summer. I feel so lucky to have found so many that let me feel confident. Like this cute two piece from Billiejo Clothing. Loved the contrast in the prints and color. See my flu list of modest swimwear options here.

Happy swimwear shopping!

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Summer Gold Espadrille Wedges with Vionic Shoes ♡

Calypso Espadrille Wedge

Hi pretty friends,

No matter where I am if it is work or not I love wearing nice comfy shoes. And Vionic Shoes has the greatest selection of shoes that will be comfy for every occasion. The gold espadrille wedges I got are super cute and are so comfy the soles feel so great and I get to do it all without hurting my feet.

Happy shoe shopping!

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Embroidery Tops with Shein ♡


Hi pretty friends,

This summer I have loved the embroidery trend. So many cute dresses, jeans and tops with the most fun floral embroidery. Two of my summer embroidery are from Shein. They have a wide selection of super cute embroidery tops. Make sure to go check hem all before fall fashion starts to kick in.

Happy shopping!

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