"Do What You Love and Smile Forever "♡

"Do What You Love and Smile Forever"

Sunglasses:RayBan| Jacket:Lululemon| Watch:Tommy Hilfiger

Hello pretty friends, 

My daily getting ready routine starts dark and early at the sound of my alarm. I try not to snooze as often possible because I feel it takes away from my energy. 
A little sleepy still I brush my teeth then make my way to the shower, phone in hand. I play my favorite Pandora station from my phone to start my inspiration.
After I stay in the bathroom to do my hair and then my makeup. 
At this point I make my way to the closet and feel ecstatic about starting my day. I think almost being completely ready makes it that much easier for me to feel like I can wear anything, feel confident and create my outfit.
Like most of you already know I love everything that comes with "getting ready", it makes me joyful as does running.
The feeling of nothing holding you back, going fast, and not looking back is just liberating. Knowing I can feel this gets me excited to run.
According to 5 Reasons Why Running Makes You Happier “physical exercise, running included, is known to release endorphins in the brain. Endorphins act as a natural "drug" that make a person more energetic, more awake and, yes, happier.”
I totally can testify about this. I enjoy running. It really does help you feel happier and just ready to accomplish it all, even getting up at the crack of dawn.
However as it goes for me I like to wear cute outfits even for running.
For this outfit I’m wearing Lululemon athletic wear, they make you feel good,look good and it is very durable.
As for my sneakers they are Brooks and wow did they make a difference when I first got them. I felt like I was flying as I ran,plus they are cute colorful sneakers.
As I always like to say find what makes you happy even down to the little things like your “getting ready” routine or running, it really makes a difference.

Find what you love, do it and smile for forever.

Until next time pretties (:

With love,

P.S. If you are interested on investing on some running sneakers, Brooks online has FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $75 + FREE RETURNS.

Headband:Lululemon| Tank:Lululemon
Sneakers:Brooks | Socks: Lululemon



"Everyone Needs an Outlet"♡

"Everyone needs an outlet"
Sunglasses:Prada | Necklace:Forever21

  Hello pretty friends,

“Everyone needs an outlet, ” said Kenneth Cole, American clothing designer, and oh how I think this is true.

Like most of you already know I like shopping but I also love saving, thus I am happy that most of our favorite stores have outlets or factory stores where we can get the look for less.

The outlets usually sell their clothing at a lower price. But it does not end there they also have promotions, sales and clearance items on top of that.

There is a trick though when it comes to getting the best prices.

Each season comes and goes and so do the items.

At the end of each season these stores have to eliminate specific clothing colors and fabrics. The key is to buy them at that great price we all love and wear it when you see it’s appropriate.

As for me I love buying my swim suits this way. Buy them at the end of summer and wear them when the sun peaks back.

For this outfit I’m wearing one of my favorite chinos from the Gap outlet that went 
on sale because of the color.

 But the color did not stop me from wearing it.

I paired it up with a cute leopard print belt, a regular dark button up for contrast, that I tied at the ends to give the belt visibility plus a girly touch and gold accessories to make it more season appropriate.

Brands favorites like J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, LOFT, Banana Republic and other outlets host special promotions where you receive a percentage off your entire purchase when seasons come to an end.

Take advantage of the outlets prices, don’t be timid find their sale section and get ready to double save, because remember it is already reduced by default!

Until next time pretties (:
With love, 


P.S. Please feel free to ask questions or suggest for future post!

Button up Shirt:Old Navy | Leopard Belt: Banana Republic 
Mnini Leather Cross Body:Ralph Lauren | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet:Urban Outfitters| Heart Ring: Grandma's Heirloom

Chino Pants: Gap


Start Shopping Savvy♡

Start Shopping Savvy

Lipstick: Victoria's Secret | Sunglasses: Tom Ford | TopJ.CREW | Belt:Target 

Hello pretty friends,

We all have different feelings towards shopping. I personally love shopping no matter when, where and how. I do love it even more when I can find fabulous pieces from my favorite stores for less. Wouldn’t you?

Now the question is, are we all that lucky just to walk into great sales all the time? I wish I was but, I’m not that lucky.

But then after working for a retail store for quite a while I learned how to get any look for less without depending on my luck.

Here is the trick. No matter where you shop the customer is one of the main reasons why a store is successful. They want you to come back.

So I decided to create an email especially for shopping.

With this shoppers email, as I call it, I learned how to save more.

For this outfit I’m wearing my favorite pink lipstick from Victoria’s Secret that I purchased for only $4 dollars. How? I am on their customer list.

This lipstick at Victoria’s Secret cost $14 and the coupon I redeemed for it
read something similar as use this $10 dollar card with no purchase necessary.

Other stores have similar perks for “loyal customers.” You can be one too. Start by being a savvy shopper by creating your own email address just for shopping and start saving.

Until next time pretties (:
With love, 


P.S. For more tips on how to get the look for less make sure to visit again(:

 Clutch:Clare Vivier | Watch: Michael Kors | Necklace used as Bracelet: Forever21

Espadrilles wedges : Tory Burch  
Ripped Denim: Rugby by Ralphlauren


Monochromatic ♡

Monochromatic green theme outfit 

Hello pretty friends, 

When I go about starting my morning even if it is dark and early I still look forward to my favorite part of the day, getting ready.
Sometimes it may take longer than other days but that is when it’s best to try something new. 
Trying something new can be risky but why not be a little daring? 
Especially when it comes down to making an outfit. I personally love to try new combinations of textures, patterns and colors. 
For this outfit I tried out wearing a monochromatic theme meaning one color but different shades of it. 
Surprisingly, I had many green pieces in my closet so making this outfit was fun and easy. 
You can do the same. Look at your closet and pick a color you have most of. 
This may even push you to make outfits with pieces you would of not even thought of before. 
And remember sometimes your outfit combinations can look different on a hanger than on you. 
So go ahead and play dress up, try it on.

Until next time pretties (:

With love from,

Sunglasses: Ray-ban | Earrings:Tory Burch | Necklace: J.CREW
Bracelet: J.CREW | Purse: Brahmin
Lipstick: Victoria Secret's Whisper | Shirt: Nordstrom Rack | Pants: Forever21 | Shoes: Ralph Lauren

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