Monochromatic ♡

Monochromatic green theme outfit 

Hello pretty friends, 

When I go about starting my morning even if it is dark and early I still look forward to my favorite part of the day, getting ready.
Sometimes it may take longer than other days but that is when it’s best to try something new. 
Trying something new can be risky but why not be a little daring? 
Especially when it comes down to making an outfit. I personally love to try new combinations of textures, patterns and colors. 
For this outfit I tried out wearing a monochromatic theme meaning one color but different shades of it. 
Surprisingly, I had many green pieces in my closet so making this outfit was fun and easy. 
You can do the same. Look at your closet and pick a color you have most of. 
This may even push you to make outfits with pieces you would of not even thought of before. 
And remember sometimes your outfit combinations can look different on a hanger than on you. 
So go ahead and play dress up, try it on.

Until next time pretties (:

With love from,

Sunglasses: Ray-ban | Earrings:Tory Burch | Necklace: J.CREW
Bracelet: J.CREW | Purse: Brahmin
Lipstick: Victoria Secret's Whisper | Shirt: Nordstrom Rack | Pants: Forever21 | Shoes: Ralph Lauren

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