Chambray Shirt: A Must Have Piece ♡

Chambray Shirt: A Must Have Piece
Chambray shirt: Forever 21

Hello pretty friends,
Chambray shirt: One of my favorite pieces of all time. Not to be confused with the denim shirt, it is a much lighter weight woven fabric usually made from cotton. 
According to the Ralph Lauren style guide,"chambray became the fabric staple for the American workingman's shirt in the early 20th century," and still today it is a must have piece.
The chambray shirt is just so versatile. It is the perfect item that will allow you to mix and match your favorite pieces to expand your wardrobe.
You can wear it for any season and almost any occasion. 
If you are headed to the pool or the beach on a nice summer day you can wear it as a cover up. You can also wear it to dress down that cute dress that you can't just wear for any occasion. 
It doesn’t end there, the chambray shirt can also serve as a perfect layering piece. Wear it under your favorite sweater or cardigan, use it as a cardigan on top of a cute pattern tank or V-neck shirt, tie it over your favorite maxi dress and so much more.
Another great styling use for the chambray shirt is pairing it with your favorite color and or pattern bottoms.
For this outfit I explored with mixing textures and of course one of them is the chambray shirt. I paired it with the contrasting timeless texture of lace. 
Now for the best aspect of the chambray shirt it gets better with time. Really if there will ever be a piece that ages well in your wardrobe, it will be the chambray shirt.
When it starts to get the vintage look the better it is, I feel.
Generally an investment on a chambray shirt will be a great one and lasting one.
Think about it is an essential, low-maintance, durable, comfy, stylish and classic piece. Plus you can create a cute look effortlessly.

The iconic chambray shirt will forever be an unceasing must have piece. 

Until next time pretties (:

With love,

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Wearing Cleopatra necklace: Modish Mint | Loving this: Baublebar

Sunglasses: Prada | Chain-link bracelet: Juicy Couture | Bangle set: Forever21

Lace skirt:Forever21 | Quilted Shoulder bag: Michael Kors | Heels:Ralph Lauren

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