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Hello pretty friends,

Happy Friday! Today I am so excited to tell you about Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, which my friend Susan,  told me all about and now I am obsessed! 

But first let me tell you I have always wanted longer fuller lashes. I have tried many mascaras to get them "longer." I have tried extensions (but I feel they are costly and to tell you the truth they scare me a little because I feel some of my real lashes suffer). 

This 3D mascara is amazing! It provides a 300% increase in thickness and volume while allowing your lashes to look real and natural. 

I am in love with what it does to my lashes. My lashes are thin and short but with this mascara they becomes longer and fuller. It is mascara that just becomes part of your daily make up routines since it is so easy to apply and looks great!

The mascara comes in a cute case with two tubes. One tube is the Transplanting Gel ( kinda of like the glue that holds it all) and the other is the Fiber ( hair like pieces that make the magic of 3D). 

Four Easy Steps: 

1. Apply a coat of your favorite mascara. 
2. Apply an even coat of Transplanting Gel.
3. Right away apply fibers onto lashes. 
4. Lastly, seal the fibers with another coat of Transplanting Gel. ( if not you will have fibers on your cheek) 

If you are in the market for new mascara, make sure to give these a try, you will not regret it! 

Until next time pretties!

With love from,  Kris 

P.S. If you want to try your own contact Susan...

Facebook: Susan Huff Douglas 
Phone: 832.928.1381
Email: aggie9395@comcast.net

Cute case it comes in! 

My natural lashes. 

One of my favorite mascaras ( first coat). 

Transplanting Gel ( 2nd and 4th coat). 

Fiber  (3rd Coat). 

Left eye: 3D Mascara applied. 

Both of my lashes with the 3D mascara! 
 I am a happy girl with my longer fuller lashes! Make sure to get your own, it's so worth it! (:
( Contact: Susan

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