Lets CELEBRATE...Our people ♡

Hello pretty friends, 

Oh how time really just flies by. I can't believe it is August 7th again--my birthday! What a year it was, so many milestones and changes. But that's not a surprise, right? As they say change is most constant. Change also brings the opportunity of being stretched, sometimes a little more than you think you can. But the sweetest blessing become more apparent during these times. You start to notice even more the people cheering you on along the away and that is what I am most thankful for. 

Our Father in Heaven is our biggest cheerleader, he is so loving, merciful and kind enough to send us "our people" along the way. I know I can pin point every time in this past year of my life where "my people" made those stretching moments not just bearable but even sweet. 

Thus, today on my birthday I celebrate another year of my life with a smile. Even though I went through many changes that caused some stretching, it was a memorable one. These memories will always fill my heart with warmth because of Him and them.

I invite you to really notice "your people" in your life--I guarantee there will be somebody and that just the thought of them will bring a smile. 

With love from,


P.S. Thank you for following along on this journey! xoxo

Happy Birthday to my beautiful little sister, we are lucky enough to be sisters, best friends and even share  the same birthday week! Love you, mi Katirula!


A BIG thank you to my sisters for helping me make my birthday shoot as fun as it was! Love you both, again I am so grateful! 

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