A Staple: Stripe Top ♡

Hello pretty friends,

Shopping is always so fun--that's a given! But how can you get a bigger bang for your buck?

I think what works for me the best is to buy piceces that you can easliy wear for every season--a black and white stripped top does exactly that. It surly is one of my staple items. 

For summer wear it with bright neons, for fall wear it with tan, for winter wear it with red, for spring wear it with pastels or wear it with black all year along. (wear these color combos in form of top and appropiate bottom--skirt, pants and shorts. 

Below you can find the timeless black and white stripped top on SALE at some of our favorite stores-- plus all these finds are under $25: 

Getting a black and white stripe top will be totally worth it! It will make your wardrobe more versatile and elevate any outfit.

Happy Shopping! 

Until next time pretties!
With love from,  Kris 
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