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October is a special month---it is breast cancer awareness month. There are many ways to support including with what we buy or wear.

Ralph Lauren has a line exclusive for raising funds for breast cancer. This line is known as "Pink Pony." The line includes everything from candles to items of clothing for the whole family.

What better than fashion for a cause? If you would like to get involved shop their pink pony line or join their #PinkPonyPromise.

By joining this campaign you will be helping fund a cancer-related cause by sharing a photo, of yourself with your written promise on how you will support the fight against cancer, on Twitter, Instagram and the RL #PinkPromise page. The RL foundation will donate $10 for every image, $1 for every friend you tag (up to five).

Join the promise and spread the word, a little can go a long way!

Until next time pretties! Happy weekend!
With love from,


Write down how you will support the fight against cancer.

Take a picture of yourself with your promise.

Post it using #PinkPonyPromise.

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