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Totally crushing on the silk scarves from casasilk! They are so darling--read below &learn how to tie your own square scarf.

Tying square scarves can be specifically challenging for all those who usually do not understand how you can tie them correctly to possess the preferred appear which you wish. So we have compiled five distinctive strategies that you just can use to tie your square scares so as to get a couple of distinct seems.
The fundamental loop: Fold the high quality square scarf in half inside a diagonal style to make a triangle fold. By carrying out this you have to have about a single third of your scarf obtainable for looping. So take the third and loop it about your neck.
Make sure to loop the longer finish concerning the front of your neck then drape the rest more than your other shoulder and adjust it to how you need it to appear. Inside the event you leave the suggestions collectively that come about to become within the front you may get further of a cowboy appear, but if you offset them then it will not look like this.
Loop and knot it: Fold the square scarf intro a triangle as you would collectively together with the basic loop but rather fold the scarf up a handful of inches in the lengthy edge. By carrying out this you will make your scarf into a lengthy thin cylinder shape.
Loop the scarf about your neck, and place the ends in front of one’s shoulders. Tie the remaining ends within a loose know and leave the knot exposed. Tends to make to get a seriously cool appear.
Knot it: Fold the scarf into a triangle, then fold it into a thin cylinder shape and drape it about your neck towards the front. Make sure that among the ends is slightly longer than the other finish.
Take the longer finish and make loose knot into it about half way up.
Take the short finish and slide it by suggests of your loose knot that you just just created.
Tighten up the knot and adjust as you see match.
Rectangle knot It: As an alternative to folding the scarf into a triangle, alternatively you happen to be going to fold it in half to make a rectangle. Then you will drape the scarf across the back of your neck, bringing each ends to the front.
Then take the ends and tie them into a loose knot.
Swing the knot around to a single shoulder to make sure that it is significantly a lot more offset to the side.
Bow tie It: Take your square scarf and fold it into a rectangle as seen in the rectangle knot tie. Drape this about the back of one's neck and bring the ends towards the front.
Tie a loose bow using the ends and adjust it so that the knot is tight plus the loops come out looking total.
Wear the bow either within the front, or draped across one shoulder.
It also can be feasible to put on square scarves as head pieces!

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