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Ever thought of using a silk scarf for more than just your neck? Well guess what my friends at --- casasilk have tips on how and why to use them for your hair! They are so darling and versatile--read below and find out more: 

We will encounter extreme cold climate in the time when the year is coming to an end, wearing a scarf does wonders by guarding your neck from cold as well as to offer you a comfortable feeling that the body wants for this period. Within this case a thick silk scarf is advisable due to the fact it will likely be the most appropriate for wrapping about your neck at well as your head.
Apart from safeguarding your head and hair from cold, in addition, it prevents dust from settling in your head and hair. A distinctive kind of protection head scarves provide you with is the fact that it stops the wind from blowing your hair greater than the location when riding on a power bike or perhaps a convertible or maybe a bicycle. Crossing the river on a ferry may effectively be dreaded by some ladies who’ve got a nice hairstyle due to the reality the wind frequently tends to toss the hair away but wearing a scarf can be a very fantastic option to defend against that from happening.
One of points to keep in mind buying head scarves may very well be the material they may be created of. As considerably as you will need to retain individuals from suspecting your terrible hair day, or for the objective of hunting dazzling, you also would prefer to make sure that you get a textured material. Textured elements aren’t slippery when tied inside your hair evaluate towards the well-known silk or even satin. For the hair, this remedy is advisable.
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Silk Scarf | casasilk 

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