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Scarf: casasilk (perfect for pillows) 

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Ever thought of using a silk scarf for more than just your neck or hair? Well guess what my friends at --- casasilk have tips on how and why to use them as pillow towels to nourish your skin! They are so darling and versatile--read below and find out more: 
It can be recognized that people normally spend one third time on sleep. As a result, people today have to pay much more attention on the selecting of bedding sets. Is it as a commonplace for you personally to notice some prints in your face whenever you get up every day. Possibly you have no tips that these prints will come to be wrinkles. So you must spending quite a bit of time and efforts on the selecting of pillow towel.
Possibly you should think about using Print Silk Mulberry Extended Scarf as pillow towel. All natural silk is a organic protein fiber making from 18 sorts of amino acids. Different from cotton and chemical fiber, organic silk is comparable to human skin in chemical composition analysis. With fantastic compatibility, organic silk acts considerable role in nourishing and defending the skin. When use pope style stripes silk lengthy scarf as pillow towel, you will feel its smooth, cool and care for the skin. Then you definitely will realize your skin is as smooth as organic silk. Natural silk is also employed to help keep your hair supple and smooth at the similar time.
Recently, using a lot of scientific study completed, people today discover that organic silk function as wellness care treatment. Organic silk is one of protein fibers, Silk fibroin contains 18 types of amino acids that are beneficial to human physique. Silk fibroin can assist to maintain the skin surface membrane metabolism. Additionally, it is actually very good for the therapy of particular skin illnesses as well as the auxiliary role. Consequently, all natural silk is named “Fiber Queen” for its one of a kind charm.
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Scarf: casasilk 

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