Pop of Color(s) ♡

Jumpsuit: Nordstrom

Hey pretty friends,

Happy almost Friday! Lately, I have had an obsession with wearing something bright--- shoes, lipstick or jewelry. For this outfit I decided to wear all three and loved the end result. All the pieces I selected were colors that really pop which worked well with a black jumpsuit. I really think trying new outfit combinations just takes a little creativity used on what you own already! How to begin? Just start by mixing them (old & new or old & old) together! It is so fun and totally worth a try!

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Tribal Print ♡

Hello pretty friends,

Have I told you I love wearing winter pieces but it is difficult to get use to the icy feel of a REAL winter (not a Florida one). Can't wait until spring comes around! But until then I guess I can enjoy pieces like the cute tribal print cardis and booties! A tribal print piece can really spice up your look! They pretty much make them in every color now. A great winter investment! Hope this winter is treating you all well!

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Legend of Origin of Silk ♡

scarves: casasilk 

Hello pretty friends, 
Hope you all had a great weekend! Read below to find out about the origin of silk as my friends over at casasilk tells us:

As one of the best materials, silk is originated from China. Silk Road is well known by everyone in the ancient. People buy silk products in the past. It feels soft and comfortable. Besides clothing, manufacturers also produce scarves with silk, such as long silk scarves. Today, the best selection of fashionably Cute scarves are more and more popular in the market. For example, silk long scarves, marfs scarf, Silk Head Scarves, Yellow Silk Scarves . Usually, we purchase Chinese silk scarves. Silk is very expensive, so often we choose discount silk scarves.
Although silk is discovered in China, it is still a mystery. At the same time, it was said that there was a romantic legend about the origin of silk. A long time ago, there lived a father and a daughter. They had a horse. The horse is a magic one. It could fly in the sky and understand human language. One day, the father went away to make business, but he didn’t come back some time. The daughter said to the horse, if he could help to find his father and take him home, she will marry him. At last, the horse found her father and took him home. When the father knew his daughter’s word, he was very shocked. He didn’t want his daughter to marry the horse, so he killed the horse. Then, a miracle happened. The horse’s skin carried his daughter flying away. And they flied far away. Suddenly, they stopped on a tree. And when the daughter touched the tree, she became a silkworm. From then on, she spit long and thin silk. Someone believed the silk represented her sad feeling of missing the horse.

It is really a romantic love story. Let we all choose silk scarves as a durable accessories. You can check Casa Silk's entire collection of silk scarves here: http://www.casasilk.com/Deluxe/Silk-Scarves-c1-103973/

Hoped you enjoined their piece!

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scarf: casasilk 


Shapes ♡

Sunglasses: Prada | Skirt: Forever21 | Shoes: ALDO | Bracelet: J.Crew  
Hello, pretty friends,

Hope this start to 2015 has been great thus far, still feels odd saying 2015! But feeling excited for all the new adventures this year will bring. For this outfit I am mixing shapes and textures. Really enjoy putting together pieces that contrast in all aspects, they make for a chic look.

Love sharing my outfits with you all, thanks for the feedback and support. Have a lovely day!

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Fashionable using eye-catching scarves ♡

Scarf: casasilk

Hello pretty friends, 
The silk scarves from casasilk are a steal ! They are so darling--read below on why now is the perfect time to get them! 
Everyone wants to become stylish and fashionable using eye-catching scarves.
In the present day market, many online stores have listed various type of silk long scarves with splashing patterns and design. They are made available for very affordable price tags, so there is no need do take hick-up to enter the current fashion by wearing them, such as yellow silk scarves . The hottest and essential accessory can be used at anytime in different ways, which fetches special charm and look.
 Shopping through online brings more pleasure as the delivery and payment options are quick and secure. However, before going to purchase any product reading the review and rating will surely help an individual to find the best one. Research more and more to get the best deals, only purchase on the trusted and certified website, beware before purchase as the price may vary from one site to the other. The fine quality silk scarf are usually feminine for most of the ladies providing smoother feel and softness. For that reason, many woman love to own a silk fabric made scarf to decor their neck. It is even more elegant when combined with jackets, sweaters and suits as well.

Until next time pretties!

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Scarf: casasilk


Pink Sunsets ♡

love  sunshine state sunsets <3
sunglasses: prada . purse: kate spade

Hello pretty friends,

Happy New Year!! Can't believe we said good bye to 2014! What a year it has been, so many things to be grateful for especially the blessing of spending time with my family in the most beautiful place, home.  Where sunsets are deep orange mixed with light tones of pink and where almost every night is a summer night. I will be missing my sunshine state and everything that makes it home.

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2015!

With love from,


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Sunglasses: Prada

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