Mysteries: Thoughts of a College Graduate

Class of 2013

Snow and wind had to make it to my grad photos (;

I'm done 

Graduating in the prettiest time of the year!

Let it snow!

Notice my feet were buried in ice cold snow!

PINK  confetti the perfect way to celebrate (;


Mysteries of Life

You never know what life will bring you. Sometimes it may be expected or unexpected. 
These are just the mysteries of life. Yet one thing for sure is that the Lord knows when, how and why.
At times this may be scary but you just have to learn to trust and have faith. 
For the last years of my life I learned exactly that. I had the opportunity to live in Rexburg, Idaho. I know, what’s in Rexburg, Idaho but potatoes and cold weather. I was as reluctant to the idea of Rexburg as the next person. But what a blessing in my life it has been. 
Today a week ago I graduated top ten percent of my class from Brigham Young University—Idaho (I still cant believe it, really). With reaching this accomplishment in my life I had much too reflect on.
Not only I'm I taking the knowledge of what I was taught but a thirst for learning and a greater understanding of the love of the Lord.
From my time in Rexburg I was able to take with me the memories and friendships that blossomed as I did what I loved, learning. 
Learning about myself through the relationships I made with what I believed were handpicked roommates or through classmates that became friends to teachers that became loving mentors. 
All experiences that now I know I needed in order to flourish to who I am today (to think I almost kept myself from it).
Luckily I was able to walk across the stage with my immediate family plus aunt there (so thankful for their sacrifices) to make that day all that much more special. None of these experiences would be possible without their loving support and positive influence in my life no matter the distance.
I truly I’m thankful and considered myself blessed for all that I have learned.

Excited to discover more of the mysteries of life through whatever it is the future holds for me, I will go about it with faith.

My oh so loved textbooks (;

What every professional needs (:


My partner in crime   

PINK  love


With my dear friend Christie

Florida chicas  

My mami  

With my Tia  

PR people 
With the Floridians 
With papi 
With Jonathan 
Can you find me? 
With Ryan (:
My beautiful sisters 

Best parents ever 
Wouldn't be possible without them.  

Love them oh so much 
Grateful they all came up 
Lucky to have them  
My best friends  

Grateful for all their support  and love  

That's an excited face ((:

I was lucky to be choir coordinator (:

Lucky to have Linda Kjar Burto,  General President of Relief Society, at Graduation   
With Brother Hicks, an amazing teacher  
Blessed to have all of them there  
Celebrating with a little snow (;
I had too  
Winter White  

My favorite photo of them all! Really illustrates my emotions((: 
Special thank you to my dear sister Kim for her willingness to support me in every and anyway even as being my photographer    

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