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Hello friends,

Thank you for following along as a I have explored a style blog. It has been great fun, I will continue to share outfit ideas but I also want to make this blog a space where I can write about my feelings, thoughts, experiences, even what I eat--basically I want to write about life.
Being that I am far away from most of the people that I love (which is VERY difficult for me), I feel writing some of these experiences will help me feel connected to them.
Now for the reason why I am 2,313 miles away from Florida (my home), I decided to take a leap of faith and apply for what I believe is my dream job (even if this would be the second time around applying for a position).
The first time around applying for a position at my dream company I was so confident and knew I would be a good fit (totally was not, I just told myself that). The position was an assistant type of job.
At that point in my life I "knew" that was the job for me (I just REALLY wanted to work for that company doing whatever). Turned in my updated portfolio, resume and polished my LinkedIn account. Did everything I knew that was best to do including praying.
Got the call, I was ecstatic, one step closer (or really I thought this is it I got it)! However that was not the case (at all). The interview was okay or maybe even terrible not because I wasn't prepared or the interviewer was not fair but because that was not the job for me (as much as I wanted it to be).  My skills and qualifications were a match but I was not (that was difficult to realize).
Life went on as it always does but this time I was looking for what was next or what should be next according to His plan. I became fixated with this (during this time various "realties" started to appear in my life which I will discuss in another blog entry).
Back to today, I am living in Utah (2,313 miles away from my family) because I found the courage to apply for a job with my dream company again but this time for a position I was a match for (my real dream job). This time around the whole process went smoothly. I prepared and prayed and within weeks I found myself living in Utah (this experience I will also share in another entry).
Feeling very blessed for all the people, experiences and opportunities in my life--reason why I want to share. I know this new journey will be one of learning and especially one of conquering my fears.

Thanks so much for reading! Until next time!

With love from,


something to get use to...the WEATHER-- I am always cold. 

something to get use to... seeing this EVERYDAY--love it!

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