April Sunshine ♡

So blessed to have had them come all the way to Utah!! Love them!! So thankful for everything they do & their endless support/ love!

Hello friends,

With April spring makes its way and brings warmer weather (at least most of time). The flowers are blooming and evidence of the sun is real (with the occasional spring snow storm)! But this April also brought me additional sunshine--my beautiful family came to visit! It was a week of pure happiness, because so many different things (a surprise, car, conference and Moab) happended-- I broke down my thoughts by date, feel free to read or just look at the photos below.

4.2.15  (the surprise)
From the date I knew I was moving back to Utah for my dream job, my parents also decided they would come visit me but until the snow melted way (my mom REALLY doesn't like winter). When the time was getting closer my parents finally booked their flights for the first week of April since it would be spring and general conference! I was so excited to hear they were coming but also a little sad because I found out Kim and Jonathan (my sister and brother-in-law) couldn't come.
Nonetheless, I was ecstatic and prepared for my parents arrival. I usually don't buy "normal" snacks like cookies and chips (not because I don't like them but because I would literally eat them all in a day) so I made sure to buy some of their favorites!
Then finally the day came, my parents were arriving early in the morning and guess what it starts to snow ( I know right, my mothers luck) and it was colder compared to the last couple of days.  I get the call, they landed safety, were super cold (obviously, what Floridan wouldn't) and were headed to the Gateway Mall.
While at work, I couldn't focus knowing that my parents were just down the street, noon couldn't come fast enough. We planned on lunch but I was able to leave a little earlier to meet them.
Waiting for them on the curve  I felt all giddy and as I see them pull up in their rental car they signal me to go sit on the right side of the passenger seats--and GUESS what??
Kim was ducking inside on the floor of the car!! I was so surprised and couldn't believe she was really there--as expected I cried some (or maybe a lot) but of joy to be there with my parents & sister. Jonathan couldn't come because of school and Kathy (younger sister) is serving a mission.

4.3.15 (#FitforYou)
After trying everything in the book to avoid driving the time finally came when I had to put my fear behind and get a car (totally not an easy decision). There are so many things to consider  when buying a car, you have to decide in advance so you can save a good amount of money (not easy but worth it).
With help of friends and family I was able to decide I wanted a HONDA (the first brand of car I drove too) and as a personal preference I wanted a hatchback car. Did some research, and the Honda Fit had good reviews--kept my fingers crossed, hoping I could get it (if not I had also researched some backup cars).
The day of shopping for my car came--I felt nervous, excited but very blessed for the opportunity that I was given to share this time with my family ( I literally could of not without them).
Once we googled the best Honda dealership (they really had top of the line customer service), we arrived and the sales man (he was so kind & helpful since the beginning) showed us the Fit and Civic but I knew I wanted the Fit. A couple hours later (like five) after much thinking, test driving, snack breaks with the patiences of my sales man and my families I went home with a Honda Fit.
That was a long day but I am thankful I was able to get the Fit not because it was the one I wanted but because the model of Fit that I got had many extra features (like reverse & lane change cameras)  that I believe help me feel more comfortable/ safe behind the wheel ( for those that know me, I can be a scary driver).
Overall, so blessed to have my family there to help me decide on what I needed and to make one of my first big purchases a success.

4.5.15 (#ldsconf)
What an amazing opportunity it was to have my family in town and experience general conference together. Loved all the talks and thoughts shared. My favorite talk had to be the ones one grace and eternal perspective. Something that made this conference special too was the opportunity to be in the media room for the first time, it was great to represent my job (still can't believe what a blessing it has been).

4.6.15 (two national parks one city)
Exploring Moab for the first time with my family was a great adventure. The first hike we did was going to see the Delicate Arch, we meant to hike the easier trail but ended hiking the longer more difficult one. It wasn't easy especially since we are not use to high elevation and or hiking. But we did all make it to the top together--the view was breath-taking. The second park we visited also had gorgeous views but we were able to drive up to them, (which was great since the last hike was so intense)! We were all able to really appreciate God's perfect creation, we are so blessed to live among such beauty. Nature is beautiful!


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