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Hello pretty friends,

Today I am so excited to tell you about my new favorite lace dress from Charlotte Mynt Lace.com. They have a nice selection of comfy, classy & modest pieces--including the classic lace dress.

What I love about the Charlotte Mynt's lace dress is that you can customize it. You pick the colors for the solid dress that goes under, the color of the lace that goes on top and you can pick what type of sleeve! This totally eliminates the hours of shopping for the "perfect lace dress" in stores, which you later have to alter the sleeves for.

Not only are they made to your liking but they are so comfy & look cute--greatest combo! I am totally loving my pink/ivory set--best part is that I can wear my solid basic pink dress alone or where the lace overlay with it for a whole new look.

So if you are shopping for cute, comfy classy pieces as this lace dress, make sure to stop by Charlotte Mynt Lace.com & use the code withlovefromkris for a 10% off your purchase (code valid thru April 30th).

Until next time! Happy Shopping!

With Love from,

P.S. The material of the dress is soft and breathable--love how it feels & looks!

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