Hello pretty friends,

Hope you had a great weekend! Just wanted to share with you some codes-- because who doesn't like a discount? I sure do! As I had said in the past Rocksbox is a fun service like Netfilx but for jelwery! So far I have loved everything they have sent me. I wear it for as long as I like then I return it to them by mail. With the original package you receive a postage and the evelope ready to ship back. It is so easy & a great way to wear new jelwery as often as you wish. If you would like to try it for FREE use the code "withlovefromxoxo." 
Oh and if you like the lace dress pictured go here for more info or use the code "withlovefromkris" to get 10% of your purchase from Charlotte Mynt--code will expire this week! 

Happy shopping! 

With love from, 

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