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Hello pretty friends,

Today I want to tell you about another way to do your own nails! But first a fair warning, I am not the best at doing my own nails but this is a new product to try-- referred to me by a friend.
The product is called Jamberry Nails, I had heard of this but never tried it, until now.

With over 300+ designs there is something for everyone. The nail design itself is like a sticker design on one side and the adhesive on the other. I selected a cute glitter and nude combo, love it. See below for intrusions on how to apply.

The process for me was not easy, but the design and look of the nail is something I would not be able to accomplish with just nail polish. If you would like to try a sample or have your friends try it too contact my friendMckenna
It really is a great way to style your nails---plus each set of nail design brings enough to last you for many manicures. For more information on the designs and product itself, go here

With love from, Kris 

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