sunshine state weekend ♡

Swim suit---best ever covers all the right areas (:
Sunglasses---54mm cat eye 

One of my favorite sayings is "do what you love & smile forever." I just think it is a great way to go about life! Doing what you love may sometimes be not as easy but putting forth your best effort is worth it! 
This is just what I did.  I did what was necessary to go visit my family in Florida, to celebrate Kim's birthday (my sister). It was a short trip, but so worth it.
Florida not only brings me happiness because it is AMAZING (might be a little bias (; ) but because my family and friends are there.
So this short trip was pretty much amazing too! I was able to visit with dear friends, spend time with my family from Miami and enjoy the company of my immediate family for three full days, and boy was it so great! Oh and I must add I meet Kona, sweetest puppy ever (Louie's new sister)! 
What a great blessing it was to be there for all the fun festivities my sister had planned. Can I just  say how truly an amazing woman she is?? She has a heart of gold and really knows the meaning of love through service. She cares deeply for others and goes out of her way to make others happy. I really see her as an example not only because she is older than me but because of the type of person she is. I feel very lucky to call her my friend and my sister. 
Overall it was an amazing trip--sorry for using the word "amazing" so much but that is truly how I feel, amazing friends, trip and family!
(Scroll below, to see some of the things we did while I was in the sunshine state. (:) 

Ring-- literally wear it all the time!!
Agenda-- carry it everywhere, use it for work & life out of the office
Bag--perfect for travel! 

cover up-- so comfy and dries quick 

Bestest of friends!! 

Shake Shack -- so delish!
Mi bella familia--missing Kathy
This is  Kona, who is a lot like her Tia (:
Banana--best drink ever, made in Honduras! 

Favorites from Honduras

The girls--it is not that often that we are all together, but when we are it is great!!

The boys, missing a few!
We are big Disney fans!! (at Animal Kingdom)
Pineapple treat-- perfect for a hot disney park day!
Bag-- the color looks great with everything.

So you can see by the looks in our faces, it was a great ride (Everest)! 
Beauty! (Kilimanjaro Safari)

Love them!!

With the birthday girl!

Yes, caught them taking a selfie! (:

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