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1960s inspiration, image via pfem

Vintage Dress: Rewind Exchange 

Hello pretty friends,

Ever since I could remember I have always loved trends that date back a couple years before I was even born. Big buttons, pearls, oversized earrings and fun shape dresses were a few of the details that always caught my eye. A few of these trends were first spotted on the ever so elegant first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy--including bright lips!
Jacqueline Kennedy, Vanity Fair Magazine October 2009 

Today we are lucky we can find these fun trends reflected in our everyday retail stores.

But why not wear the originals if everything that's made now mimics the old stuff, as Jacqueline Whitmore, general manager of the Rewind Exchange stated. 
I did exactly that, I found an original! While visiting Provo, I was so excited to stop by Rewind Exchange, a fairly new retail shop offering curated vintage clothing.
Loved their wide selection of unique pieces at low price points. Can't get better than cute and  affordable, right??
I fell in love with the cutest floral dress--great shape, pattern, had sleeves and is so fresh!
Oh, and can we talk about the store itself? Super cute, worth stopping by if you are in Provo, Utah.
Not sure how to style these fun vintage pieces, google fashion icons like Jacqueline Kennedy or any of your favorites (so I like google everything but it's great, you can find images that date way back(: )!
Happy vintage shopping!

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