There are more fish in the sea...♡

"There are more fish in the sea."

Yes we have all heard that saying, now It can be good advice but don't let that stop you from moving forward with someone that could have been a match. I learned this through experience. 

For those of you that don't know I decided to blog about dating...see below (:

I was nervous writing this on my blog but why not? It is a part of my life (:
Posted by Kristin Andrade on Wednesday, July

Here it goes... 

We went on a few dates that were great! Mr. Fish (the name I will use to refer to this great guy) was super kind and treated me well. He helped me when I needed help, opened doors (Mr. Fish was a true gentleman). I even knew Mr. Fish's family, loved them BUT (of course I always find a "but"). I was being, for lack of a better word, immature and wanted to see if there was other fish in the sea! 

Even though I had an example right in front of me (my dear sister whom married her youth boyfriend and are still living their happily ever after)! It's ok that there is more fish in the sea, once you find the right one it shouldn't matter.

But was I really being immature? how do you know when to move forward? 

Obviously, I do want to move forward with the right someone but how do you come to that decision? 

How do you know you don't want to continue to meet other people? 

I guess that's what I still have to learn or is it just a leap of faith? Well whatever it might be, I didn't take action and another fish swam away! 

 Now I am left wondering "what if," or can I be ready to take action next time?

 Even though this ended how it did, I AM grateful for my experiences in which I always grow. 

At the end of it all, taking a risk is better then not knowing--at least that's what I learned. 

With love from, 

P.S. My journey must continue so I would love to hear your tips, thanks for reading! (:

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