Contrasting Colors ♡

Jacquard-weave dress: H&M

Hello pretty friends,

Hope you all had a great weekend! And are ready to start a new week, today I just want to share how using contrasting colors is one of my favorite things to use to "dress up" in any season or occasion. For example colors that you would never think go together like "blue & yellow", really do look good together--because theses colors are actually called "complementary" colors. Usually they fall on the there side of the wheel.

So an easy way to remember when deciding what colors to use is just too think if they contrast, as I did for this yellow dress and cobalt blue shoes!

Cobalt Blue Shoes (different colors & patterns show but the blue is an option)
Yellow Dresses (one of my favs for all seasons)
Details (my favorite dainty necklace right now is the hashtag--great price too!) 

With love from,

Hashtag Necklace

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