The Blind Date ♡

Like I mention before,  I was going to try it all (in regards to dating), so I have.  As Taylor Swift said "I go on too many dates, but I can't make 'em stay."

On side note, seriously who doesn’t love Taylor Swift relatable lyrics! I mean, I do always learn from every date, I know its part of the “plan” for me but still I do hope one "stays."

I started to realize that a little effort of getting out of my comfort zone does really help. I have learned that courage is definitely needed in this thing we call dating. We just have to keep trying, it's a number's game right? So I went on a blind date...

(The blind date, with your friend’s brother--set up by her...)

Here's how it went, one of my friends start to talk about how great her brother is and how him and I would be a great match (because we were alike). I was somewhat nervous to agree but I did. 

First thing first, let’s be honest here, I did my “research” and he looked like a great guy. Hmm was there a possibility here? How epic would it be if my friend became my sister in law?  I mean I love my friend and we have so much in common, it
would probably be the same with her brother, right? So she gave him my number and we set a dinner date.

So Mr. Blind date, yeah he was a gentlemen, and very sweet. I went on this date with positive thoughts, however conversation was slow to build. There were moments when the conversation was fluid but it was when we were
talking about his sister, my good friend. Overall it was a fun date but I knew it. I wanted it to work out since his sister is such a great friend--but there wasn't a connection. Once the date was coming to an end we did not agree on meeting again.

Very much appreciated my friend, for setting me up. I thought everything was in my favor but sometimes there just isn’t a connection. And I have learn that’s ok.

Like some people say there are more fish in the sea  or are there really? ( >>read here to see what I can think about this statement... )

You know prince charming your harder to find that I thought! But still my search is not over, like  Ms. Swift says “can't stop, won't stop moving…it's like I got this music in my mind, saying it's gonna be alright.”

Thanks for reading! 

With love from,

P.S. Are there really success stories with blind dates??

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