An Attitude of Gratitude ♡

Lately life has been so busy. Having an attitude of gratitude really is a virtue that makes life feel peaceful even in most busy of times. Like President Thomas S. Monson said lets reflect on our gratitude for our mothers, fathers, friends and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I am so blessed and grateful for my loving parents, sisters and friends that have made my life full of joy! And especially thankful for Him who taught us how to pray, how to live with love--His life was truly a legacy of love.

"Let us follow Him. Let us emulate His example. Let us obey His word. By so doing, we give to Him the divine gift of gratitude." THOMAS S. MONSON 
Love this quote just makes me reflect because really how can we but by following Him?! And that is what I think my family and friends have taught me by example--how to live a life with love. Not just them filling my life with love but by spreading that love with all those around us.

Having an attitude of gratitude makes feeling the Saviors love for those around us and for ourselves all empowering and for that I am so thankful.

Below you will find a mix of photos from my last trip to Florida (which I am so blessed I can go often) and some of my people that have made this year SUPER. <3

These ladies are my best friends, so lucky to have them in my life and for their example. Couldn't imagine a life without them, my sisters. 
These two are are the best parents any girl could ask for. I love them so much and I am so lucky to have their example and have them by my side no matter the distance. 

This guy has the biggest love for this girl, and that's where it all started. He truly completes our family and couldn't have asked for a better brother! I am lucky to call him my brother! 

Love this place and everything it offers me! Having the opportunity to have it right in front of work has been the greatest blessing! 

People are what make life that much better and friends are what make life joyous! And she has made a journey, this journey that I was scared of, a great one!

Best concert ever, thanks Kimmy!!

Lucky to have spent a day at the beach with my dear parents! 

I love FROZEN and well Taylor Swift is amazing! 

We wore cat years because it was Taylor Swift's Halloween party! 

An unforgettable night with my sista! 

Lucky to have the bestest friends ever!

The day at the beach with my parents was the greatest. I have so much fun with them! No matter how much older we grow or how far apart we live that love and bond never changes! Such a blessing! 

My heart is full of gratitude for the people that make-up my life and for all the many opportunities that I have been blessed with and thankful for the eyes that let me recognize the hand of the Lord in all these goodness! 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

With lots of love, 



'Tis the Season for Hunter Boots ♡

'Tis the Season for Hunter Boots
Sunglasses: Ray.Ban | Blazer: Target

Hello pretty friends,
'Tis the season for Hunter boots. Mr. Henry Lee Norris, American entrepreneur, started the North British Rubber Company, today known as Hunter Boots, over a century ago. The cute durable “willies”, Hunter Boots, were mass-produced for the British Army during World War I. 
Today 157 years later the iconic Hunter boot is still making a splash. The perfect rain boot made up of 28 pieces is the footwear that can “conquer any weather.” I can testify about this, I wear my Original Tall black glossy rain boot in the fall and winter. For the warmer weather seasons I wear them with regular thin socks and for the colder weather I buy the Hunter Boots socks that really help keep your toesies warm. 

The Hunter Boots are ascetically pleasing footwear but are also life savers, really. For those that know me I’m prone to falling.When that time of year comes around and the streets get icy I have actually fallen a couple of times. But after getting the Hunter Boots, things changed for me, I can walk without worrying of the occasional slip and slide. 

The Hunter Boot is made from rubber therefore waterproof with traction-gripping sole which help prevent “accidents” to the clumsy like me. They are available in numerous colors and styles.

For this outfit I’m wearing the chic Original Tall glossy black Hunter Boot paired with comfy leggings, a crew-neck tee and fun blazer to top it off. 

Not only are the Hunter Boots chic but they are long lasting, and make any outfit look that much more fabulous. Who would have known from war boot to chic boot? I think we got lucky!

Until next time pretties (:
With love,

P.S. If you are interested in investing on some Hunter Boots Nordstorm Rack is selling them at a great price reduction.

Watch: Michael Kors | Chain-link Bracelet :Juicy Couture | Purse:Kate Spade
Rain Boots : Hunter Boots
Leggings: Zara


Layer UP ♡


Hello pretty friends,

Happy November!It is already almost the end of the year, and it is getting cooler! Time to wear layers, which is always so fun! Love to just wear long cardis & dresses it an easy & fun look! For example I love to wear this long wrap with pretty much everything dresses, or tee & jeans! It is for sure a great buy if you want to layer up!

Layer Up Selection:

Happy shopping!

With love from,

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