There is sunshine in my soul today ♡

All my life people around me have asked me why was I different, why was I always smiling? I always thought I smiled as often as the next person. BUT these comments kept on coming even as I moved through different stages of my life, at one point I might of thought I was even odd.
Looking back today, I don't think its odd or not normal. I know why I smile! I smile because there is sunshine in my soul!
I am lucky to have had the light of Christ in my life. He has guided me through stormy seas. He has placed people along the way that have opened my eyes to really see. He has taught me that I am never alone because He is always there. He has provided me with my family that loves me endlessly as I do them. He has filled me with knowledge of how MUCH (so much) happiness the "little things, " bring to my life.
Not that I didn't know this before but now it is evident and hard to ignore that He gives me the "tools" so I can make the pathway bright. But I will be honest it is not easy peasy all the time. There are moments when you can't see the light as fast as turning on a light switch but you can see it as steady as the revealing of the light of a sunrise. But when you get to feel the warmth of the sunrise and finally see the light, it is all worth it!
Anyways this is how we learn, we learn by being tested, by having to make decisions (sometimes so difficult because there are TWO good things), by learning patiences through trusting Him and by choosing to do "the little things," --no matter what.
I have sunshine in my soul today because I chose to do "the little things" or better said the BIG things because they bring the most happiness to my life. And yesterday I was blessed with the opportunity to do another BIG thing that was not a decision from night to day--but when it came to it I knew it was what I had to do, no doubt, just clarity-- like a light switch even if to come to it, it was as gradual as a sunrise! But during it, now and after it I will smile (:

I was so excited all day!!
My beautiful family!

So thankful for everyone that came for my special night! Love WINDY RIDGE!

My temple bag, from Deseret Book. 

So thankful for her support!

Love my mami!

Love my Kimmy!

My favorites!

So lucky to have the greatest of friends!

This quote has so much truth! It is how I feel things changed for me! (Image from Deseret Book)

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