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Hello pretty friends,

Today I am so excited to tell you about a NEW lash salon in American Fork!! Amazing Lash Studio, just had their grand opening last week! The salon itself is stunning, staff was great and very friendly!
The process of putting on the lashes was great. A pillow and blanket was offered for my comfort. Nice calming music was playing as the stylist put in each individual lash.
Instead of using tape to hold under your eyes they use these pads that can feel a little different I think that might of put some stress on my eye--well only one of them. But my stylist did ask every step of the way if I was comfy, I guess I should of recognized that one felt tighter.
 Now back to the lashes I chose the "Natural" style which enhances your eye shape. But you can choose from "Cute, "Sexy" or "Gorgeous."
Once she was done, the after care was explained in detail. I took a look and LOVED how they turned out! Not too long, nice curve and full-- so they were just right!
And GUESS what your first full set of lashes are only $79.99!! You can also become a member and get "member prices. "
I really am loving my lashes!! It so nice to just skip my eye makeup routine haha saves times and makes me feel more feminine! My natural lashes are thin and not that long so these should be fun to wear!
YES, this is a bathroom selfie haha-- note this was before so just showing you my natural lashes with mascara--photo taken after a long work day too haha (;

With Love from,

Wearing NO eye makeup here,  still feel like I have a pretty eye because of the AMAZING eyelash extensions! 

Just SHOWING off my eyelash extensions (:

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