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Hello pretty friends,

Can I just say how much I  L O V E wearing floral all the time but especially in the spring! So I am so excited it is officially spring and tell you about ShopPinkBlush, which carry cute dresses for women and more!
This women's online boutique has the most fun pieces for the spring, like the floral dress I am wearing. Love the comfy feel of it and feminine colors which made me feel extra girly!
There are so many trendy boutiques online but for sure you won't want to miss visiting this one, so many cute options!
So make sure to go check out PinkBlush Boutique! Happy Shopping!

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Patience is Enduring it Well ♡

Waiting is hard. Especially when we are use to instant messaging, fast food, direct deposits & more!
I won't lie it is great, to live in a world with so much "quickness" that make life easy. But because of this when our desires are not met we find waiting to be difficult, we lose hope and even become bitter. This tends to happen because we don't know how to continue in patience.
It is often said "patience is a virtue," but really, think about it. Being patience is a a purifying process that refines us through what sometimes may seem harsh but only because we don't know the end from the beginning. This process focuses our action, offers us peace, gives us strength and yes puts our faith in the Lord to practice. I can say an example of people who have demonstrated this is my dear sister Kim and her husband Jonathan. She and him have been waiting patiently for the opportunity to be parents. They didn't just wait but they never lost hope, they never stop living or loving what they did do was endure it well. And today I can say there happiness and joy is the most beautiful sight to witness. They are full of gratitude and love for they were patience and will be parents to a beautiful baby girl! There enduring it well in such hard times will always be an example to me!

"Patience means accepting that which cannot be changed and facing it with courage, grace, and faith. It means being 'willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon [us], even as a child doth submit to his father.'  Ultimately, patience means being 'firm and steadfast, and immovable in keeping the commandments of the Lord' every hour of every day, even when it is hard to do so." President Uchtdorf 


Hello pretty friends,

Today I am so excited to tell you a little bit about how I got these chic PRADA sunnies!
It is called Ditto! It’s the place where you can get endless eyewear on rotation for $24/month.

How does it work?

Select your favorite pair.
Keep it as long as you want.
Swap at anytime.
Love ‘em? Keep’em.

It is so easy and fun to switch out, these are my second pair and I love how I can just have different ones for each season!

Make sure to check them out, if you are interested use the code “WITHLOVEFROMKRIS” and get your first month of swapping sunnies for Free!

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