Return with Honor ♡

We are taught since a young age to serve others, to love one another. Which can come naturally to some and might be hard work for others. Especially when you are growing up and having to make life decisions that can impact your life.
Well for 18 months my younger sister made the decision to be selfless, she put her education on pause and went to California to serve the people of Carlsbad by teaching them of the love of a God that they might not even know. All her time for that year-and-half was dedicated to others. So much love, courage, charity and dedication went into her daily work. As a family we are so proud of everything she did and missed her every day. We were able to email with her on Mondays which was a tender mercy, it really was difficult to not see her or speak to her. But the blessings will always be something we are grateful for. Now she is home and it feels like she never left! We are so happy she's back! {Below are photos of her homecoming (:}

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