Smoothie Bowl ♡

Hello pretty friends,

Ever since I was a little girl I have been OBSESSED with fruits and anything and everything fruit flavor. I always say if someone would tell me pick your last meal of your life I would pick fruits! So yeah I love fruits at any time and anywhere! And in the morning I usually crave something fruity, so I was so excited when smoothies in a bottle became an easy purchase at our local market places! I have been a fan of Bolthouse Farms products for sometime now, especially the fruit drinks in the bottle they are an easy garb and go! But you can also make so much with them too. You can substitute
your milk in for their almond milk or you can make smoothie bowls like I did! Read below! There are so many delish flavors to pick from! These make breakfast easy and healthy! Happy week!
Smoothie Blend: Berry Boost drink, 1 banana, almond milk and ice.
Toppings: Sunflower seeds, almonds, granola, berries and banana. 

c/o Bolthouse Farms

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