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As most of you know I work in the digital marketing world, more than ever do I rely on the internet. But I think that is a given because aside from my day job I share everything here with you!
I remember growing up we had Dial-up and can still here the robotic like noise it made as it took FOREVER to connect which would put me a few steps behind on my homework.

Now I really have very little patience when my connection is slow or even worse if it disconnects I mean it is not Dial-up but still the set back is enough, every minute counts. 
Today kids (or pretty much everyone in our generation haha) have it all at the point of a finger and expect it to be fast because more than ever we need internet--it is here and is not leaving. For example we all use social media, have apps (I see kids with iPads--digitally coloring all the time, what happen to crayons haha) stream shows or music and the list can go on. It has just become a part of our lives. We don't want or need Dial-up. So why not have a reliable, fast connection to make things easier? Some of what I mention above were topics brought up at a lunch I went to last week with a group of fun girls and CenturyLink representatives for Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Through 100 years CenturyLink has improved and provided world-class services for the ever so changing and demanding digital world. Did you know that? They have been around for a long time and know how and what we need to consume and create online. Also fun fact did you also know that CenturyLinks invests in it's communities? They offer yearly grants to teachers, this year they donated $50k to Salt Lake City and are a partner with the Utah Jazz in the STEM program where a $10k donation is made for outstanding science students. 
Today CenturyLink is one of the fastest and most reliable internet services in Salt Lake City, it is the leading provider for Utah--which means faster service for us. Which is what we want for when we are sharing photos, streaming movies or FaceTiming our families. For example with 100 Mbps we can download HD movies in seven minutes, talk about saving time!
The future of technology is CenturyLink for us Utah folks, they have increased speeds up to 100 Mbps for 250,000 households alone in the Wasatch Front area and have had fiber networks for years in our hometown Salt Lake City. So much info right and details that I didn't know until my fun educational lunch with CenturyLink. 
Overall, it was a very interesting discussion that made me ponder how important a good reliable internet is not just for me but for all of us that pretty much live in this digital age. How do you select your internet provider? I know I will think about more as an investment now (:

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A few of the girls from our lunch last week, can you recognize where we are?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of CTL. The opinions and text are all mine.

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