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Growing up we ALWAYS had pets. So I LOVE animals and wish that when people elect to have pets they would keep them forever because I feel like they become family. But sometimes that doesn't or can't happen for x reasons. So organizations like the Humane Society of Utah are literally life savers, they take all pets and try to place them in homes or they have foster programs. I had the opportunity to join other blogger friends to meet some of the oh so loving pets that are waiting to have a home again. And what better time than the holidays to gift a pet?!
That's why today I want to tell you about Daisy and Rosie-- 4 month and 2 year old domestic shorthaired cats. They are a mother and kitten duo looking for a home together.  I was able to play with both and they were so soft and cute! Their coats have the prettiest colors and strippes. But these two are thick as thieves and would love to stay together!
Below you can see photos of Daisy and Rosie and my friends!
Go check them out and see what pets they feature--you might find the purrfect Christmas gift!

Ashley (@foreverbyash) http://foreverbyash.com/ | Violeta (@justanotherinstagal) | Kristin (@kristinrosedavis) www.wildoneforever.com | Lauryn (@laurycakes) www.lauryncakes.com/ |
Keara (@modest_style) http://modest-style.com/ | Becca (@rebecca_swiss) www.rebeccaswiss.com |McKayla Childs (@helloburpees)

If you have any questions about the pets please feel free to ask! Spread the word lets find these cute pets a home. 

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