Easy Breezy ♡

Hi pretty friends,

Love wearing whites in the summer I know we are still a few days away but since I was in Florida and it is like summer everyday I just had to bring out the easy breezy high low top from SHEIN and my go to white pants! Totally loved this top it was so perfect for a night out in the city by the shore.

Make sure to shop SHEIN MD sales this week! Happy shopping!

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top c/o LIME RICKI
bottom c/o LIME RICKI

 Hi pretty friends, 
I was born in August and at Miami Beach so I'm totally a summer baby! Love summer and everything that comes with it like watermelon, sunshine, blue skies and beach days (or water since there are no beaches in UT haha but that won't kept me away from them!). So yeah beach days mean swimsuit wearing days...yay! But really after the struggle to find the swimsuit then its worry free days! That's how I felt in my Lime Ricki Swimwear. They are super fun colors, patterns and fit to make you feel comfortable. I felt so confident in my Lime Ricki swimsuit, it covered most of my bum which for real is what I look for--I usually wear shorts haha. AND the bottoms are high waisted so totally holds everything in place. My the photos you can see how I felt in this swimsuit and how excited I am for summer!

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Mother's Day 2017 ♡

Hello pretty friends,

For Mother's Day weekend, my sister (even if it was her first Mother's Day) and I decided to surprise our mommy. Kathy was coming home from BYU to stay the summer  so my mom knew to pick her up at the airport. What she didn't know was that Emma, Kim and I were also coming on the same flight (I almost didn't because I actually brought the wrong one haha but by a miracle my flight was delayed and I got pushed to the one they were on). So once we were in the airport my cousin Diana was there ready to help us surprise my mom. Kathy went first through the gate and than we went and surprised her at the luggage spot. She was so happy and it was the best feeling. My mom would give it all up for use so treating with a surprise was the best! While we were home we went to the beach and of course we had the most fun at DISNEY.  And now that Emma is bigger she enjoys it all more which makes all if us love more too. Over all such a fun few days with fam, now we are looking forward to the next family vacay in JULY. Until then below you can see some of our pics from this trip!

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