Delaware Dipped Pretzels♡

Hi pretty friends,

Valentines day just got easier! If your sweetheart has a sweet tooth, they will love Delaware Dipped's pretzels. I first heard of them from my bestie she couldn't stop talking about how amazing these pretzels were. I was sure they would be good because I like everything that's dipped in chocolate.
But when I had one boy was I in for a surprise.
Let me tell you, the crunch, taste of chocolate and caramel together was just so divine! Each pretzel is DOUBLE dipped. First in a homemade caramel ( I think that is the key to the amazing taste) and then in Belgium chocolate.
They are packaged in cute small or big boxes that are gift ready! The only thing is that these yummy pretzels are seasonal so YES get them for Valentines Day and a few for later. The three big order times are in November, December and NOW (FEB.).
So yeah order some this Valentine season and thank me later!

With love from,

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