Grow It Girl Leave-In Hair Treatment ♡

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Can I just tell you how obsessed I am with trying new product for my hair?! The more I talk with hair stylist the more I learn. And one thing that all my stylist friends have told me is the fact that they believe in hair product. And before I was one to just wear it natural but then I was I protecting it or ensuring it's healthy growth? So that brings me to one of my new favorite products: Grow It Girl.
The ingredients are so organic that I even use it on my face. And guess what I hear it works like magic for you mommys who lose hair from breast feeding.
The bootle is a good size and sprays easily. It has an earthy smell and is not heavy on the hair like other products. It kinda just feels like water because of how pure it is.
More product details...All-natural formula with essential oils that balances the scalp to ward off dandruff + dryness as it replaces dead cells with nutrients to promote renewal + stimulate growth. As good for the skin as it is for your hair and can be used as an astringent for all skin types. You'll have flowing strands + soft skin in no time. Ingredients: Distilled Water, Organic Aloe Vera Juice*, Organic Rosemary Essential Oil*, Geranium Essential Oil, *certified organic
Hope you get to buy it and love it!

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