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Hello pretty friends,

Today I want share a little about my skin. Since I moved to Utah I have had a little adult acne on the edges of my face. Usually my face gets oily after a few hours and I'll have to pat excess oils away. So because of the climate I like to try new product often. Below you can find some of the most recent product I have been using.

Love using this rose water after I wash my face, pat dry it and spray. Leaves my face soft and feels so light and fresh. 
Because I have acne, I was looking for a liquid foundation that would conceal most of my blemish and marks. Note this one is AMAZINg but I only use it for events or photo shoots because it is so heavy. Like I only have to use like two to three dabs of it for my whole face. It holds good moisture too. And the bottle is small but will last me a while.
As for this it can be any brand as long as it is extra virgin. I use it to remove heavy makeup, sometimes for my lips, for my eyebrows and even for my hair since I have dry scalp.When I use it for my hair I use it like a deep conditioner and leave it in for a few minutes. It really works wonders! 
My lips are the most dry ever! So I started to use vasline at night while I sleep. It has really helped my lips from being dry and hard.
This combo is the BEST. I use the cleanser and lotion in the morning and at night. My Derm told me about this brand when I first moved. I continue to use them because I feel they help and are not too strong. The lotion does make me oily faster though.
This little tool is very rough so I don't use it everyday but it really helps with black heads and smooths out my skin.
My newtest addition are two serums from ASTERWOOD NATURALS. They are anti-aging and feel so light and silky on. Excited to see what the long term results are. I have heard it is good to start with anti-aging product young so I was so excited to learn about these. Plus they are from a local spot in Utah. #supportlocal

What products are you using? Any recommendations for dry climates?

 With love from, Kris

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