A Tribute to Mom ♡

So when love ones pass way tributes are mostly written. I think that is amazing--to remember and honor someone. But today I want to pay tribute to a very special woman, my mom. 

To start this tribute to my mom I want to introduce you to her. She's better known to me as Mami or Mamirula. 
She was born and raised in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, a beautiful country in Central America. She is the oldest of three.

While in school she studied accounting & was involved in dance groups (she's a great dancer). Her family always made their faith evident in her upbringing. She was catholic but later joined the LDS Church and converted her family too. 

During religion classes for young adults she met my dad. He rapidly wanted to wed but my mom said 'yes' until after almost a year of courting. He was her first and only boyfriend. 

They got married in the Guatemala LDS Temple since there wasn't one in Honduras and her goal was to have an eternal marriage and family. 

After that the rest is history, well not really l'll explain more in the context of why I love her.

But first let me tell you what she loves...

She loves our Savior.  She loves to host and cook. Her food is amazing but the best part is to see her face once we all have enjoined the food. She loves journaling and sweets (that's where I got it from). She loves to dance and loves music. She loves being a grandma. She loves animals and flowers. She loves us most. 

I love her...

Because she sacrificed her professional life for us. After moving to the US she took on jobs to help out start her and my dads life here. Now that I have had the opportunity of getting an education and start my career because of them I better know what a sacrifice it must of been to give that up.

Because she waited patiently for us. I'm not a mom yet but my older sister had some struggles before my niece was born & infertility can't be more real to me now. And to think my mom had to go through that without her family (they moved to the US before we were born).

Because she cares. No matter the distance she is always involved. She always is there to listen even if I call at midnight ( it's a two hour difference). She prays for me. 

Because she always believes in me. She always taught me to keep on going, to never give up. She taught me to strive for it all. 

Because she loves God. She taught us how to have a relationship with Him. To know we are daughters of a King.

Because she would give the world for her daughters. 

Her love is like no other.

And today we celebrate the day she was born, we celebrate her life and the many more years to come. I love you mi mami bella! Happy Birthday!! 

This is the song that we woke up to every birthday growing up. (:

With love from, 


she's fun and funny 

very youthful 

my friend 

she was in a window display and catalog 

very loved 



we shop together 

laugh together 

she works here

she's beautiful 

loves the beach and animals 

loved her Milo 

loves her mom 

always supports me 

made this day more special 

snap chats with us (:

loves to party 

loves Disney 

loves her Emma 

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