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Americans spend 7.4 hours a day on average staring at digital screens. I think it's more for me hahah. For my day job I use a computer all day. And as a blogger I'm on my laptop must nights and I'm guilty of being on my phone all the time too. So that is a lot of screen time for my eyes. I already have terrible vision (I wear contacts) but I started to get headaches at my job from all the screen time. But I am in the digital marketing world so I know screen time will never decrease.
I have a friend who knew about this and introduced me to some gamma ray glasses. They are pretty much to help your vision (no prescription). He used them and really helped him so he gave me a pair. And boy do they really help but they were not the cutest. So I was soooo excited when I learned about Pixel Eyewear. They have these glasses with similar functions (solves eye strain and protects your eyes) BUT they are stylish frames. They have good selections of frames to pick from for every face shape and fun colors.
Pixel Eyewear has been featured in Vogue and Inc.com because of how functional yet trendy they are. I have loved using mine at work. Use withlovefromkris17 to get $5off your first pair (:

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