Living in Utah: President's Day Weekend ♡

Cell phone case

Hello pretty friends,

My sisters and I where born in Florida. We were always best friends. For the last few years we have lived far away from each other because of school and jobs. But it was the best to grow up together in the sunshine state.

So we...
Got to go to he beach like every weekend
Got to go to Disney World often
Had one LDS temple
Had only one season (endless summer)
Heard spanish spoken all around
Went to Publix (the best grocery store ever in FL)
Had the best skin ever without doing much (humidity)
Eat ice-cream always (it's always hot)

Now we all get to live together again but in Utah. So now we...
See mountains & hike
Have Disney Land near
Have many LDS temples all around
Get to experience four seasons
Have to bath in amazing lotions and creams
Have Harmons
Still eat ice-cream always (because we love it)

But the best part no matter where we live our friendship is always there and an extra we have Emma as one of the girls too! Excited to experience more together like we did this weekend we went on a hike at Ensign Peak , saw animals  (most excited for SHARKS because Emma loves them) at The Living Planet Aquarium  and visited the Draper LDS Temple.

During this long weekend on the hike and at the aquarium I was able to take my phone and take selfies hassle free thanks to my new cell phone case from GettaGrip. It has a handle that makes dropping your phone pretty much impossible and makes taking selfies easier. The one I used even has a spot to hold my credit cards! And if my phone would fall the case it self is sturdy and durable loving mine and did I tell you it's blush pink?! I have an iPhone 7 but they also have cases for other deceives. USE  XOXOKris for 15% off your own case.

Hope you all had a great long weekend, we sure did. Scroll below for some photos!

With love from,

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