3 Ways to Buy Quality Cold Weather Coats on a Budget ♡


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As you all know I moved from Florida and the climate there is so different. It is pretty much summer all the time. So I never really owned quality cold-weather coats. I had the cute ones for our "winter season." And when I abruptly decided to move I had no good quality coats to survive the harsh winter. So I went and brought a very expensive it kept me warm but I could of bought like three!
Now that I have lived here longer I have more quality coats. And I did not spend that much on them. Read below to see how...

1. Buy coats out of season. I do this every end of season. Prices drop like crazy and sometimes the styles are the same for next year. Yeah you have to wait to wear it next year but it is totally worth it with how much you money you save!

2. Buy gently used coats. People purge there closets often and sell their gently used clothing in places like UPTOWN CHEAPSKATE  or many other places like that. Where you can buy good quality coats like the one I scored. It is made out of wool and it's from JCREW, totally love it!

3. Buy coats online. So many of our favorite stores do FREE SHIPPING days plus major discount codes when you spend "x amount of a large amount of money." This is when you buy bigger tagged items like a good quality coats. Sometimes shops have to take a "lost leader" to make there monthly revenue goals and online is there sweet spots. So sign yourself up for the emails because these happen at random.

Hope this was helpful, it's not easy buy lots of coats but it is possible if you have a plan.

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