Leggings: Fashion Faux Pas or Not? ♡

Leggings: MODBOD 
3/4 Sleeve tee: MODBOD (REVERSIBLE neck line...scoop or boat)

Hi pretty friends,

I kinda started to wear less jeans and where more leggings because they are so comfy! But the question is it a fashion faux pas or not? In my opinion if you know which type of leggings to buy and where to wear them than you're golden--because they CAN look good and are so comfy.

1. Make sure to buy lined leggings. There are so many options for leggings but if you want to use them on a regular as instead of pants make sure they are not see-through. I'm sure we have all seen those that look more like tights vs. leggings. Stay away from those unless you wear them with a dress.

2. Where the right leggings for the right occasion. Like I said so many options for leggings, so if you are working out use the extra stretchy so you can have flexibility. If you want to wear them "outdoors" in the winter but the fleeced ones. Or if you want tower them to the office (I totally do this) buy them at the places like JCREW or the LOFT which carry nieces ones that look like work chinos.

3. Think about the colors and patterns on leggings, it makes a difference. So many colors and patterns  on leggings. If you want to looks causal patterned and bright colored leggings will do just that. I usually on wear black leggings because I feel they conceal and look like I put more thought in my outfit and looks more put together. Like I love my black leggings from MODBOD , they are flattering to wear and so soft!

4. Wear them with confidence. I feel like this is true for everything. You decide to wear leggings as pants then own it.

I have lots of black leggings. But I do have some that I wear specifically to the office, they ALL are lined (no see-through ones for me haha) and when I decide to wear them I NEVER feel out of place because I work it into my OOTD.

So what do you think, fashion faux pas or not?

With love from,

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