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Can I just tell you the longer I live in Utah the more I fall for it. Like this past weekend my friend and I had the opportunity to experience the MFIT program at the Movara Fitness Resort  (as you saw in the insta stories). And guys everyone in UTAH has to go--it is life-changing. Might sound much but that's how it was for me. By nature I am a thin girl but my eating and exercising habits may not be the best too much candy haha But really my time there was so FUN AND so educational. I learned through how I felt from eating and participating in various fitness classes. Like I knew the testimony I was taking from the day after our hike...WHY? Well, because I felt amazing on it and after instead of weak like I would feel.
Below I will walk you through my day experiencing of the MFIT program through a photo dairy!

6:45AM  Body Analysis
The day started bright and early with a body analysis. Which is so neat because how can you set a wellness goal without knowing where you are at?

7AM Breakfast 
Then off to eat! A delicious nutrient dense meal made by an award-winning chef. The amounts are the perfect portions and of course well balanced over all. Even the taste was so good!

8AM Fitness Hike
Can you say RED ROCKS?! It is the most scenic hike. There are different levels you can pick from. Also you will never be alone--the resort has the most supportive community.  Oh and they take you in a bus!

12:15 PM Lunch
And yet another nutrient dense meal that really just makes ALL difference to FEEL good and just be that much more ready and filled with energy for the rest day until dinner time.

1:15 PM Nutrition Tools -Lecture
So not only do you get to eat and feel good but you get to learn why? You get to learn how to eat and the benefits of making a daily choice to eat nutrient dense foods. Such a great lecture, so many takeaways!

2:30 PM Treading
At the cardio gym they have all the machines and for this class we were lead by a qualified fitness leader who was so motivating!

3:30 PM Tabata
This was intense but so fun to try all different kind of fitness ready stations within intervals. But this gym has the most beautiful view out through the large windows.

4:30 PM Foam Roller
After a long day of fitness this class really helps you relax your body it was pretty much like yoga with a roller it felt so good.

5:30 PM  Dinner 
And then the fitness classes are done and you still feel amazing and you head to dinner. Which is also very yummy. We even had dessert!

6:15 PM  Relaxing time
The SPA services were so fantastic. We got massages that felt so great and was followed by a 10 minute steam room session.

Peak at the rest of the resort..
We also stayed Friday night, all of Saturday and left Sunday morning. So we got to experience the cozy rustic looking rooms mirroring the outdoors. 

What to bring for your MFit day?
You get very sweaty and can get dirty from the hike which is first thing in the morning so here are some things to think about packing...

2 pairs of socks
2 sets of exercise wear
Jacket (I was cold in the morning)
Casual clothing (if you want to change for dinner)
2 pairs of sneakers
Hydration pack or water bottles
Swim suit 
Flip Flops
Bag pack 
(They provide healthy snacks too so you don't need to bring)

Overall it REALLY was an experience that teaches you a lifestyle. It teaches you by how you feel and and what you can accomplish by adapting a culture of wellness through what you eat and do in the fitness world. And the hopes are that once you leave you can apply these things to your life at home because they surly give you the tools to. I would 100% recommend the MFIT program to all my Utah friends and even to those visiting.

Check out my Instagram ( 3/17 @ 6PM MT) one lucky winner will win the MFIT experience + a SPA service (Value of $295).

Happy almost weekend!

With love from,

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