VidAngel Studios First Theatrical Release: TIM TIMMERMAN ♡

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Ever heard of VidAngel? Well they are the guys that filter language, nudity and violence from films and TV shows. They give us an option to watch clean. AWSOME right? Well, they got in a legal battle with the bigger guys from Hollywood. I personally like a good clean flick and to be honest the movies are just better without the sex sense or ten F-bombs.
So yeah I was so excited when I heard about TIM TIMMERMAN: HOPE OF AMERICA. It is  VidAngel Studios first theatrical release--their response to all that legal stuff while it is ironed out.
Now lets talk about this movie! I was able to attend the primer night in Utah. What a great event, some of the cast and producers attended. You can see below for some photos!
But now back to TIM TIMMERMAN. It takes places in the 90s--- so costuming is rad! I would wear it all but really haha There is a love story but what I loved most was the fun humor. And let me tell you I am more the chic-flick type but this movie was so funny. I was genuinely laughing from start to end. And to think it is based off Director Cameron Sawyer's experience as student body president! Go watch it, you'll be in for a treat! Plus you will be supporting local films, supporting family-friendly movies and supporting overall good clean entertainment. Truly a feel-good, happy, fun and funny film! Make sure to watch it this weekend, the first days of a new film are crucial. Support and enjoy a clean comedy!
Happy weekend!!

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