Weekend Con Los Padres ♡

Hello pretty friends,

I have been very blessed with kind and caring parents. Even as the years pass and I am older and living on my own my parents still mean the world to me. They live in Florida and I in Utah so that's a lot of distance between us but we still have a great relationship. I make sure to communicate with them on a daily bias. May seem extreme to some but I can't imagine living in a world where they don't exist and that's what it would feel like if I didn't continue knowing of them and they knowing of me through constant communication. So yeah I love my parents very much and had the best weekend I could have with them here in Utah for LDSCONF (I had to work ALOT  but hey still thankful for the time). Below is a photo diary of our weekend!

Happy start to a new month and week!

With love from,


Pretty in Pink ♡

Photography by Hsuan Lee Photography
Dress: Dainty Jewells

Hi pretty friends,

I'm so happy it is spring love wearing bright colors especially pink! Like my cute dress from Dainty Jewells. It is just a fun raspberry color, flares, and just fits so perfect. They carry a great selection of modest clothing. Perfect for bridesmaids or for church or even for everyday activities depending on how you style it. Really love mine I think it will be on repeat this spring!

Make sure to check them out! Happy Shopping!

With love from,

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