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 Hi pretty friends, 
I was born in August and at Miami Beach so I'm totally a summer baby! Love summer and everything that comes with it like watermelon, sunshine, blue skies and beach days (or water since there are no beaches in UT haha but that won't kept me away from them!). So yeah beach days mean swimsuit wearing days...yay! But really after the struggle to find the swimsuit then its worry free days! That's how I felt in my Lime Ricki Swimwear. They are super fun colors, patterns and fit to make you feel comfortable. I felt so confident in my Lime Ricki swimsuit, it covered most of my bum which for real is what I look for--I usually wear shorts haha. AND the bottoms are high waisted so totally holds everything in place. My the photos you can see how I felt in this swimsuit and how excited I am for summer!

with love from,  

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