Mother's Day 2017 ♡

Hello pretty friends,

For Mother's Day weekend, my sister (even if it was her first Mother's Day) and I decided to surprise our mommy. Kathy was coming home from BYU to stay the summer  so my mom knew to pick her up at the airport. What she didn't know was that Emma, Kim and I were also coming on the same flight (I almost didn't because I actually brought the wrong one haha but by a miracle my flight was delayed and I got pushed to the one they were on). So once we were in the airport my cousin Diana was there ready to help us surprise my mom. Kathy went first through the gate and than we went and surprised her at the luggage spot. She was so happy and it was the best feeling. My mom would give it all up for use so treating with a surprise was the best! While we were home we went to the beach and of course we had the most fun at DISNEY.  And now that Emma is bigger she enjoys it all more which makes all if us love more too. Over all such a fun few days with fam, now we are looking forward to the next family vacay in JULY. Until then below you can see some of our pics from this trip!

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