Modest Swimwear Directory ♡

I don't have to hide behind in a towel anymore (: really have enjoined wearing all the modest swimwear below--check them out!

Hello pretty friends,

This summer I have loved being in my swimsuit which is new to me! Not because I don't love the water but because I felt shy in wearing swimsuits. But I have found so many swimsuits that make me feel great to just be in it and not just hide in under a towel or shorts. That being said. Below you can find my modest swimwear directory. I recommend these all. There style, fit and how I felt will make me wear these all again next summer! If you have specific questions on material please ask me here of DM me on Instagram @withlovefromkris. Also I'll be updating this list as I find more. I already have one more I will add next week!

Billiejo Clothing Swimwear | Full review 

Anthro| More pics of this swimsuit

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