Miami Black Strap Sandal with Revere Shoes ♡

Hello pretty friends,
 Am so excited it's finally almost summer which means I'll be wearing sandals all the time when I can. I love a good sandal that is functional and comfortable to wear for the everyday life tasks.

Thanks to Revere shoes for my Miami Black Strap sandals now I can be on the go and feel good. I wore these to go to work and shopping for last minute things for my trip and the comfort and support for my feet was the best ever. I'm so happy I can wear these all summer long and will be sandals that last more than just a season! Thanks for reading and happy shoe shopping!

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Hi pretty friends,

It is FINALLY time for fun-in-the-sun!! That also means that we need to protect our skin from the sun. So today I am so excited to share with you my favorite light as air moisturizer--Olay Whips has SPF now!
For me SPF while in the sun is a must although 2/3 of women know we should wear SPF only 1/3 actually do. It is so important to talk about protecting our skin while in the sun and learning what harms comes from not using SPF. I know in a few years I won't regret the decision of using a good SPF and neither would you.
I am loving the feel of the moisturizer it goes on smooth and leaves your skin looking bright.
You can go out to your local blah to get your own Olay Whips with SPF. You will not regret it feels so light and smooth on because it has Active Rush Technology, I promise your skin won't feel sticky like it does with other SPF lotions. It also minimizes the look of pores, evens skin tone, smooths fine lines and much more.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your time in the sun as you protect your skin too!

With love from,

This post is sponsored by Olay but all opinions are my own. 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.


Stylish Sandals that Feel Good ♡

Hello pretty friends,

Am so excited to finally wear more sandals since warmer weather is here! I love a good sandal that looks cute, is functional and comfortable.
We all know that isn't always the case with cute shoes but with SAS Shoes it really is! Thanks to SAS Shoes for my complimentary Shelly sandals now I can look stylish and feel good.

I wore these to the park and throughout the day and the comfort and support for my feet was the best ever. I'll be traveling soon and will for sure take these cute pink and comfy sandals!

Thanks for reading and happy shoe shopping!

With Love from,


Elevate Your Spring Style with a Pop of Color ♡

Hi pretty friends,

This Florida girl is beyond excited to see SPRING weather make it's entrance! I can't wait to wear Spring clothing.
One of my favorite trends this Spring has to be taking your Spring outfit one notch up by adding a pop of color! I know color can sometimes be intimidating but it doesn't have to be.
For example am loving my new red Gracie Sandals by BubbleGum Shoes, they are the perfect pop of color.
Red or other bright colors can be used as you would use a"neutral" color. So when making your outfit this Spring elevate your style with a fresh pop of color. Use SPRING15 for a special discount and size up in your shoe size.

HAPPY bright color shoe shopping!

With love from,


Centre Salon at Fashion Place Mall ♡

Hello pretty friends,
Winter finally has come to end here in UTAH...finally! That means it is time to bring life back to our hair. The dry bitter winters can really take a toll on hair. That's why I was so excited to try a gloss treatment at Centre Salon (Aveda salon) in the Fashion Place mall.

Process of Gloss treatment:
Hair us parted in small sections to make sure all hair gets treated.
Treatment is placed in the hair from root to end on dry hair.
Cap is place n hair while the treatment settles in for about 15 minutes.
Hair is than wash to rinse out the treatment.

Did I see a difference?
YES! My stylist had me run my fingers through my hair while it was wet and boy did it feel healthier already. And I have to say my ends were pretty rough after a cold dry winter but with this gloss they felt  better. Once the blowout was done the shine was even more visible and my hair felt to soft and full if life.

Would I do it again?
I would for sure do it again. I didn't ask how often it should/could be done but I think after like 40 something washes it;s a good time to do it again.

What other services do they offer?
It is a full service salon with multiple options here are some:
Hair styling
Blow dry
Make up application
Hair removal
and more!
6117 South State St. B-128
Murray, UT 84107

Did you know?
All Aveda salons use natural ingredients for their products which set you up for healthier hair and skin.

New Guest Offer
Find all the special offers here:  http://www.centresalon.com/new-guest-offer.html
(also mention the code BLOGGER and get $20 off)

Overall it made my hair look AND feel soft. Oh can't forget about the location it is a peaceful atmosphere and great stylist!

Thanks for reading, happy weekend!

With love from,
Waiting for my hair to soak up the treatment 

The right after, day of photo of my hair. 

My new shine (:


#GlowUp for 2018 ♡

Hello pretty friends, 

Let's talk about adulting and the many things that come with it-- especially responsibility. Like the responsibility to work out weekly, to drink enough water daily and to take care of our skin. 
Sounds like a long list but all so very needed as we grow up. 
I know by working on our health and skin today in the long run it will only benefit how we age. 
I just started to use Olay Cleansing Infusions to keep my skin glowing all year long. By using this new line, I know I will grow into my skin. 
 Olay Cleansing Infusions has Crushed Ginger and Citrus Extract, both which are nourishing ingredients that have long lasting benefits. These ingredients improve skin tone and elasticity and have Vitamin C that fight bacteria. The line also comes in a Deep Sea Kelp with Aloe scent! 
Both the face and body Olay Cleansing Infusions feel so smooth on and keep my skin soft and moisturized. I am excited to keep using them and guess what you can also start your journey to glow up your skin from head to toe by buying the Olay Cleansing Infusions at your local Walgreens and here

Thanks for reading! Happy better skin days!

With love from, 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.


Dry Scalp Treatments: What Worked best ♡

Photo by LC Photography 

Hello pretty friends,

I moved from humid Florida to desert dry Utah three years ago. One of the biggest changes I had to adjust to was climate. Not only because it is so cold in Utah but the new climate made my skin go crazy.
Today I want to talk about my skin that suffered most...my scalp. The cold and dryness really made my scalp itchy and then flake. I was not use to using lots of product for it because in FL the humidity really makes a difference.

So below I'll share the ONE that worked best for me and my condition and others that I also tired.

Coconut oil
Don't know all the science behind it but this is the treatment that worked best for me. 
WHAT: I buy organic coconut oil comes in a jar. It is very pasty and its clear has no color.

HOW: After my hair was dirty (so after not washing it for two to three days) I use a comb to pretty much "scratch" out all the excess dry skin. Once I lifted all the dead skin/flakes I section my hair (I have a lot of hair). Then I finally spread the coconut oil all over my scalp. Once the scalp is all covered in coconut oil I message it in kinda like if it was shampooing.
There are lost of places that advice you to leave the coconut oil in your hair for a minutes to a few hours. I tired both but I saw best results after leaving it on overnight.
The morning after I shampoo like three times until all the "oily" leaves my hair. And then I condition (I always condition if I was my hair I think it's a good habit.

Why: Coconut oil works because of the antibacterial properties it has, it heavily moisturizes and has no other ingredient that would harm the scalp. Also as I used I notice overall smoothness and shine to my actual hair since the oil melts into your hair.

Who: Everyone can use it. It is sensitive enough for babies head. Moms use it for their baby when they have cradle cap.

Other scalp treatments I tried

  • Carrot juice/mask
  • Dove Demacare Scalp 
  • Neutrogena Daily Control T/GEL
  • Ketoconazole Shampoo 2% (prescription only, went to a DERM doctor)
  • Tea Tree oil treatments (at various salons)
  • Head and Shoulders Shampoo

Okay so I tried various treatments but like I said I found the coconut oil treatment to be best.  If you would like to know about the other treatments or if you have any other questions please ask in the comments below. I'll make sure to answer according to my experience with dry scalp. 

Thanks so much for reading!

With love from,


Winter Skin Solution: Olay Whips ♡

Hello pretty friends,

Being a Florida girl living in Utah has left my skin sensitive. My skin was used to the humidity and barley any winter.
Now that I live in Utah the weather is so dry but even more in the winter. My skin really needs all the help it can.  It gets so dry and itchy.
Did you know our skin starts to feel the effects of cold weather when temperatures drop below 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit? And our weather here in the Winter is much lower. And when we use central heating the humidity level in the air can be reduced to as low as the Sahara Deseret--which is like 20 to 25%. Crazy right? Yeah our skin totally feels the effects.
So I am very excited to start using Olay Whips which is available at our local Walgreens, other stores and online now.
Olay Whips has all the science to provide our skin with all the right ingredients to help us fight winter skin problems. It is the unicorn of moisturizers with instant absorption and active rush technology. that gives our skin all it needs during the winter vs. creating a greasy film. Can't wait to see how it helps my skin!

You can buy your Whips from Walgreens here: http://spr.ly/Whips-Walgreens06

With love from,

This post is sponsored by OLAY but all opinions are my own. Thanks for reading!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

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