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Hello pretty friends,

So I haven't written about my dating life in about a year and a half or maybe two. I stopped writing because I stopped going on dates. I stopped because I was in a relationship. Learned so much from it and even learned what it felt like to feel heart break. Not the most easy of things to feel and move on from but a way of growing.
Now I am dating again and wanted to share more on the Instagram post below--that I shared a few months ago.
Yes, I was called a city slicker. I did not know what it meant haha.

CITY SLICKER: nounderogatory a person with the sophistication and tastes or values generally associated with urban dwellers, typically regarded as unprincipled and untrustworthy.

The boy that called me that was nice and I don't think he meant any harm by calling me that. The truth is I am a city girl but I am trustworthy and always up for trying new things.
In the case of this date I even told him I had never gone fly fishing before and even asked him if I should were a swimsuit haha. His response via text was a quick NO.
Then he went on to explain what I could wear.
I ended up wearing work-out clothing and sneakers.
But back to the date I actually really did try my best to follow his lead and even walk through areas I was scared of.
But I guess he still found my lack of knowing how to speedily go down the mountain as a clear sign of my city upbringing.
Anyways aside from that comment I really did enjoy fly fishing and his company. I would of still had interest on getting to know him more but was a no from his end.
From this date I learned that I don't have know or love the same things as a potential suitor but I can learn to enjoy the differences.

Well wish me luck, the adventures continue. (;

With Love,


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