GOOD BYE 2017 ♡

Hello pretty friends,

2017 was a year of learning on a high-speed winding road. It was a year like no other. A year of much learning and growth. Although I am happy for a new 365 pages last year was totally one full of happy memories too. 

  • My brother-in-law got a great job and moved the family to UTAH--never would dreamed of this
  • Emma turned ONE--her party was in FL and I was able to fly out for it--I get to babysit her and those are the best days ever
  • First trip to DISNEY LAND-- I have been to Disney World multiple times 
  • Went to LDS Conference with my parents 
  • Landed my biggest blogging gig to date--totally didn't see it coming 
  • Learned that I don't like having unnatural colors in my hair-- so it is dark again haha but now no "what if's"
  • Connected with new and old friends 
  • Went on too many dates haha but really it was a great way to learn about how special others are and to learn more about myself 
  • I have a new job--different brand same company--this was a difficult adulting moment 
  • I no longer have wisdom teeth--I know pass-over-due 
  • Explored UTAH more--lots of staycations 
  • My first Christmas and New Year in UT--my parents came to visit 
  • I cooked a hotdog over the fire for the first time--it was amazing 
  • Learned about my physical health and the difference food can do through a personal trainer and a fitness resort 
  • Had the worst case of adult acne tired a million "solutions" but what worked best was the change in my diet
  • Went to a few concerts excited to go to more next year 
  • Discovered MATH is not my enemy haha I took the GRE 

Yeah some of the above sound and were some of the most "difficult"winding parts of 2017 but looking back they are the moments I will remember and that taught me most. 
Now time to say goodbye 2017 but excited for a new year of taking chances, traveling, achieving goals and loving more. And of-course more winding roads. 

With love from,

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