Winter Skin Solution: Olay Whips ♡

Hello pretty friends,

Being a Florida girl living in Utah has left my skin sensitive. My skin was used to the humidity and barley any winter.
Now that I live in Utah the weather is so dry but even more in the winter. My skin really needs all the help it can.  It gets so dry and itchy.
Did you know our skin starts to feel the effects of cold weather when temperatures drop below 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit? And our weather here in the Winter is much lower. And when we use central heating the humidity level in the air can be reduced to as low as the Sahara Deseret--which is like 20 to 25%. Crazy right? Yeah our skin totally feels the effects.
So I am very excited to start using Olay Whips which is available at our local Walgreens, other stores and online now.
Olay Whips has all the science to provide our skin with all the right ingredients to help us fight winter skin problems. It is the unicorn of moisturizers with instant absorption and active rush technology. that gives our skin all it needs during the winter vs. creating a greasy film. Can't wait to see how it helps my skin!

You can buy your Whips from Walgreens here: http://spr.ly/Whips-Walgreens06

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This post is sponsored by OLAY but all opinions are my own. Thanks for reading!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.


Love is in the Air ♡

Hello pretty friends,

Valentines Day has always been a fun holiday to celebrate because of all the treats, feel good notes, the color pink and of course love! With that said people like to (when you are single) ask the golden question...
Do you have a date for Valentines Day? 

Yes. Not the type of date they assume but I'll be babysitting Emma my almost 2-year-old cute as can be niece. Being an auntie has for sure been one of the most treasured experiences and relationship to date.

Which made me think of another popular Valentines Day phrase...
L o v e  is in the air 
So maybe it's in the "air" more during this holiday but really love is always in the air wether we are single or not.
  • We are loved by our Heavenly Father
  • We have the opportunity to love and build meaningful relationships with those around us
    • Like... neighbors, roommates, coworkers and of course friends and family
  • We can love and be loved by our furry friends too
So let's celebrate other kinds of love if we don't have the romantic kind yet because truly love is in the air!

Happy Valentines!

With love from, 


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